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Golf in Morocco LogoWhy Morocco, – Morocco has been an established destination for the EuropeaWhy Morocco - Morocco Golf Holidaysn travellers’ for many years, its seaside resorts of Casablanca and Agadir have been a favourite with both the French and Spanish markets with visitor numbers topping over 2 million from these two countries alone in 2010, Marrakesh is set inland close to the Atlas mountains where in winter the snow topped mountains make a perfect backdrop to this ancient walled city. Marrakesh is set away from the mountains on the plain but is fed year round from underground rivers via the ancient Khettara irrigation system; it would be easy to forget that you are in a desert as Marrakesh is known as the garden city.

You may find it puzzling that the dry and arid countryside of Morocco gives way to verdant oasWhy Morocco - Morocco Golf Holidaysis at each golf complex. This is due to water catchments via the ancient Khettara irrigation systems which tap into the subterranean water sources.

Morocco enjoy’s an enviable winter climate. During the summer, Marrakesh is extremely hot but the coast is cooled by sea breezes. in the winter Marrakesh enjoys warm sunny days and cool nights, during the winter months it is not unusual to see snow at the top of the Atlas mountains, however on the plains 20 C is an average daytime temperature perfect for golf and another reason why morocco is fast becoming one of the best winter golf destinations.

Flight times to Morocco are approximately 1 hour longer than your normal flights to Spain or Portugal. This makes Morocco a superb short haul destination from the UK

Morocco is home to several world-class courses and has played host too many competitions and international tournaments. You may be a skilled amateur looking for new challenges or a beginner looking for a relaxing break from everyday life. If so, Morocco’s golf courses are definitely for you.


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