Why Ireland?

Why Ireland? 

Why Ireland? – Ireland offers golfers the complete package with the finest championship courses, awe-inspiring scenery, and fascinating history and of course some of the best ‘craic’ around all adding up to a golf holiday you’ll never forget.

Choose your own golf tour in any of our regions and choose from marvellous courses that Quality Golf Destinations has identified as the finest in the area. We have used our expert knowledge to create packages that provide a truly memorable golf holiday.  You can stay in Northern Ireland or travel to the Republic, and if you go to the North West you could even so a bit of both!

There is a vast choice for golfers, whether you want to indulge in the luxury in Irelands top golf resorts or play the Classic links of the North West or South West. Ireland can also be ideal for a short break as within the regions the golf courses are never more than an hour away from your base. Once you get to know this great country the question is not Why Ireland it is why not?
Why Ireland Montage

Why Ireland Lough Erne Championship Course

Lough Erne Championship Course

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